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Department of Agada Tantra

Your pathway to a toxin-free & balanced life

A Closer Look At Agada Tantra In Ayurveda

  • Rooted in old philosophical principles, Agada Tantra specifically focuses on toxicology, antidotes, and the treatment of various types of poisoning. The term “Agada” itself translates to “antidote” or “remedy,” highlighting its core function in dealing with the effects of toxins on the human body.
  • It specializes in identifying and treating toxins using natural remedies and holistic approaches, drawing on extensive knowledge of medicinal plants and therapeutic practices for healing.
  • Agada Tantra integrates ancient wisdom and modern knowledge, addressing health holistically by considering an individual’s lifestyle, diet, and mental well-being. It prevents imbalances from toxins, both environmental and internal, offering a comprehensive approach to well-being.

Agada Tantra Department at PAH deals with:

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