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Department of Shalya Tantra

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A Closer Look At Shalya Tantra In Ayurveda

  • The term “Shalya” translates to “surgery” in Sanskrit, and Shalya Tantra focuses on surgical techniques and procedures. This branch of Ayurveda primarily deals with the diagnosis and management of surgical conditions, including the treatment of injuries, wounds, and various surgical disorders.
  • Shalya Tantra employs surgical and para-surgical methods to treat various ailments, documented in Ayurvedic texts like the ‘Susruta Samhita’ attributed to the sage Susruta.
  • Shalya Tantra covers surgical procedures, para-surgical techniques, trauma management, and anesthesia discussed in Ayurvedic texts for effective treatment. 

Shalya Tantra Department at Parul Ayurved Hospital deals with

Hemorrhoids (Piles)
Anal Fissures
Abscesses and Cysts:
Sinus Tracts
Joint Disorders
Varicose Veins
Dental and Oral Surgery
Foreign Body Removal

Take A Look At Our Restorative Treatment Modalities

Kshara karma

Kshara Sutra Treatment For Piles And Fissure


Kshara Sutra treatment for piles and fissures is a specialized therapeutic approach rooted in Ayurveda, specifically within the domain of Shalya Tantra. This procedure involves the use of a medicated thread, known as Kshara Sutra, to manage conditions such as piles (hemorrhoids) and fissures. It is considered a minimally invasive yet highly effective method for addressing these common ano-rectal issues.


  • Uses a specially prepared thread with alkaline and herbal treatment
  • Thread is placed around the base for controlled chemical cauterisation
  • Induces gradual shrinkage and healing in hemorrhoids and fissures
  • Conducted on an outpatient basis for convenience
  • Kshara Sutra changes at regular intervals until desired therapeutic effect is achieved


  • Minimally Invasive
  • Precision Healing
  • Reduced Recurrence
  • Outpatient Procedure
  • Limited Discomfort

Meet Our Team Of Experts

Uncover unparalleled expertise in surgical healthcare with our team of best Ayurvedic surgeons. Renowned for the most proficient Kshara Sutra treatments, our specialists are dedicated to providing top-notch care, ensuring the highest standards of Ayurvedic healing.


When can normal activities be resumed after the Kshar Sutra treatment?

Normal activities can typically be resumed soon after Kshar Sutra treatment. However, the exact timeline may vary based on individual healing responses. Ayurvedic practitioners will provide personalized guidance on when it is safe to return to regular activities.

Are there any dietary or lifestyle recommendations during recovery?

Yes, during the recovery period, people going through Ayurvedic surgery are seldom recommended to undertake a particular diet and lifestyle schedule. This may involve dietary alterations and lifestyle approaches that aid the healing process and boost holistic well-being.

How long does the Kshar Sutra treatment take?

The duration of Kshar Sutra treatment varies depending on the specific condition being treated, the individual’s response to the therapy, and the severity of the ailment. Ayurvedic practitioners will discuss the expected duration during the initial consultation.

What conditions does Kshar Sutra treat?

Kshar Sutra treatment is commonly employed for conditions such as piles (hemorrhoids) and fissures. It is known for its efficacy in addressing these ano-rectal issues. Ayurvedic practitioners may recommend Kshar Sutra based on the diagnosis and the patient’s health needs.

Is Kshar Sutra treatment safe?

Kshar Sutra treatment is usually considered safe when performed under the supervision or by skilled and experienced Ayurvedic specialists. The procedure is minimally invasive, and the employment of medicated threads diminishes the risk of complications and damages. However, individual cases may differ, and it is significant to consult with a qualified Ayurvedic professional to make sure the suitability and precaution for each patient.

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