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Ayurvedic Treatment for Infertility in Females

Understanding Female Infertility

Female infertility happens to be the incapacity of a female to conceive a child. It can be the outcome of several reasons which can be hormonal imbalances, ovulation disorders, fallopian tube blockages, uterine issues or simply age-related reduction in egg quality. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory disease can also be the cause behind infertility in females. 

Female Infertility Through The Eyes Of Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, female infertility is often looked as an outcome of an inequality in the doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha), the dhatus (body tissues) as well as malas (waste products). The ayurvedic treatment for female infertility aims to revive harmony and ease the condition . 

Imbalance of Doshas

Vata imbalance can cause irregularity in menstruation or hurdles in the fallopian tubes. Pitta imbalance can cause inflammation or hormonal turbulence, while Kapha imbalance might have the outcome of surplus mucus production or blockages.

Ama (Toxins) Accumulation

If digestion is disrupted or if toxins (ama) gather in the body due to bad diet and lifestyle, it can obstruct the exact operation of reproductive organs and processes.

Poor Ojas

Ojas is known to be the essence of immunity and significance in Ayurveda. When ojas is exhausted due to stress, improper diet, or overexertion, it can debilitate the reproductive system and fertility.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Female Infertility at Parul Ayurved Hospital

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We firmly believe that your well-being is paramount, transcending every aspect of life. We are dedicated to providing the highest standard of care for your overall improvement. Our commitment to health and wellness encompasses a holistic approach that seamlessly integrates classical Ayurvedic principles with cutting-edge contemporary facilities.

Situated within the confines of a NABH accredited 268-bedded hospital, we offer comprehensive and personalised treatments, incorporating time-tested classical therapies for both preventive and curative healthcare. Our team comprises expert medical professionals, skilled nurses, and therapists who leverage state-of-the-art facilities to deliver healthcare services of unparalleled quality, marked by distinctive care and precision.

At our hospital, composed of a thousand dedicated individuals, we have a singular focus – your well-being. Our mission is encapsulated in one simple yet profound job: ensuring your health and happiness. We’re proudly devoted to serving as the centre for best Ayurvedic treatment for female infertility. 

Top Ayurveda Treatment Modalities Tailored Just for You

Dive into personalised care with our holistic approach, including cutting-edge Ayurvedic treatments for infertility in females with ancient wisdom and modern expertise to furnish adequate solutions for your comprehensive well-being.

  • Virechana
  • Basti
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Rasayana Therapy
  • Nasya
  • Panchkarma Therapy

Ayurvedic Diagnostic Techniques For Female Infertility

There are many Ayurvedic Diagnoses for Infertility and your Ayurvedic practitioner can choose from it depending on your condition. 

Top-notch Expert Care At Your Service

Discover unparalleled expertise in acidity treatment with our team of best Ayurvedic doctors for infertility in females. Renowned for their proficiency, our specialists are dedicated to providing top-notch care, ensuring the highest standards of Ayurvedic treatment for female infertility.

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State-of-the-Art Facilities

We are equipped with cutting-edge facilities dedicated to providing the best Ayurvedic treatment for paralysis.

Stree Roga Department

 Our Stree Roga department is equipped with highly specialised and knowledgeable doctors to help out in the problems of infertility. 

Specialised Equipment

Our hospital boasts specialised equipment tailored for effective Ayurvedic therapies for infertility in females, ensuring comprehensive and advanced care.

Patient-friendly in all Terms

Our biggest goal is to make the patients feel safe and secured. We strive to provide them with an environment that prioritises the comfort, well-being and the holistic positive experience of patients. 


Is Ayurvedic treatment for infertility safe?

Ayurvedic treatment for infertility can be safe when done by certified experts who are skilled in the domain of Ayurvedic medicine and apprehend the complicatedness and minute details of female reproductive health. However, it’s very significant to practice every process safely with proper guidelines, especially in case of fertility issues. 

Can Ayurveda be combined with conventional infertility treatments?

Yes, Ayurveda can be blended with conventional infertility treatments to furnish an all-encompassing technique to dealing with fertility problems. Ayurvedic therapies like herbal remedies, diet and lifestyle modifications, Panchakarma treatments as well as stress reduction approaches can be used along modern treatments like fertility medications, assisted reproductive technologies (ART), and medical procedures. 

How long does Ayurvedic treatment take to show results in treating infertility?

How long it takes for Ayurvedic treatment to help with infertility depends on different aspects like why a person is facing issues in having a baby, how healthy they are, if they follow the treatment plan, and their lifestyle. Some people might look at their chances of having a baby get boosted in some months of initiating Ayurvedic treatment. Others might need more time. Doing treatment frequently, adhering to crucial lifestyle changes, and consulting an experienced Ayurvedic doctor often are important for getting the best outcomes and bettering the chances of conceiving a baby.

Can ayurveda cure infertility?

Ayurveda emerges with the aim to boost reproductive health and ease underlying factors causing infertility. While it may boost fertility and enhance the chances of conception, it cannot confirm a cure for infertility in every case. Results vary depending on individual circumstances, and treatment results are impacted by various factors

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